Refragster was born out of a need to to fix a missing link in the fragrance world. If you are a fragrance lover, which we are sure you are because you're here, it is not news that we outgrow fragrances, as we grow, our noses develop, or we just simply find other alternatives best suited to us; now the missing link is this, there are no avenues to get rid of those preowned bottles we no longer enjoy or want in our collection for profit, maybe social media groups or giant platforms that carter to millions of other products, however these platforms are not designed for the sale of preloved fragrances, which we desperately need. So we took the initiative to create a space designed specifically for fragrance lovers to find new homes for their preowned fragrances, and of course, buy fragrances they'll like to add to their collection and the best part, fragrances here can go for as low as 70% off their retail prices.

So...shop away.